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Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa Murphy’s – a burger junkie’s thoughts and giveaway :)

Hey, where’s the burgers? This is the second post in a new section of burgerjunkies.com where I get to talk about things other than burgers in between official reviews. Let’s call it notaburger :)

When is a burger not a burger? When it’s a pizza.
My own "puling the cheese" shot of the bacon cheeseburger pizza from Papa Murphy's

You know you’re a burger junkie when Papa Murhpy’s comes out with a new bacon cheeseburger pizza and you hear about it from not one, not two, but 3 sources, including the official Papa Murphy’s PR team!

First to give me the news was my friend @mschick74 from Twitter:

Then my other friend @yetanothersusan posted on my Facebook page:  

To top it all off, the official Papa Murphy’s PR team sent me a basket of burger love to let me know about the pizza with 2 gift cards to give me a chance to try it.
Burger Care Package
Side note: the amazing thing about this burger basket surprise was the inclusion of the burger phone. A few weeks prior to receiving this magical device that lets you talk to people in another city through a giant piece of food, I read my friend Melanie’s blog where she posted about the things in her life that make her happy. One of them was a hamburger phone that I coveted in the comments. They either read my mind or had super sleuth researchers that found my comment used that information to make my dreams come true:

The point is, I can take a hint. The universe, my friends (and an awesome PR agency) were all telling me that I needed to try the bacon cheeseburger pizza from Papa Murphy’s :)
My family was already a big fan of their stuffed Chicago pizza, and we were overdue for another fix:
Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza @ Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake
After checking out the Papa Murphy’s website before my order I saw their new? Mini Murph pizzas which I thought would be perfect for my 3 kids who love to make their own food. I ended up ordering the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, a Chicago stuffed (just in case I didn’t like the cheeseburger pizza) and 3 Mini Murphs for the kids. The Mini Murphs were a big hit. My kids swore up and down it was the best pizza they ever had…mostly because they got to make it themselves :)
My daughter making her own Mini Murph

I didn’t get instructions on how to cook the bacon cheeseburger pizza with my order so I had to call back to the store to see what temperature and time it needed (425 degrees for 12-18 minutes).

The thing that intrigued me about Papa Murphy’s take on the bacon cheeseburger pizza is that they went “all in” with the burger concept. Just about every pizza place has tried some version of a cheeseburger pizza because they already have the main ingredients (beef and cheese), but they usually stick with their standard red sauce.

The Papa Murphy’s pizza took it a few steps further by adding more traditional burger ingredients:

  • – crispy bacon
  • – roma tomatoes
  • – mixed onions
  • – sliced pickles (yeah,  pickles on a pizza)
  • – all on top of a “burger sauce” (instead of a standard red marinera based sauce)

Pickles on a pizza!
The burger sauce and pickles were both the most intriguing and the most worrisome about trying the pizza. Really, a nondescript, ketchup based, burger sauce could go either way. Add to that the idea of cooking pickles and it’s just your ordinary pizza.
How’d it taste? Surprisingly good.
Hot and Fresh pizza
They pulled it off. The pickles actually stayed fresh and and a nice crisp texture when you bit into a slice. I think burger sauce worked better than a regular pizza sauce to keep the pizza “in character” as a true burger. If I gave it the “would I try it again” test, I probably would. The Chicago stuffed is still my reigning favorite from Papa Murphy’s, but this one would be good for a nice change up.
As I mentioned, Papa Murphy’s PR team was nice enough to send me 2 $15 gift cards (and some other cool stuff) so I could try the pizza and share my thoughts with you. Even though my order total came out to more than $15, I decided to only use one of the cards so I could give the other one away here.
Well, my original idea was to give away one of the gift cards their PR firm sent me, but after getting wind of the blog post, they said “Let’s go big”, so now there will be TWO winners!
Each winner will receive the same Papa Murphy’s Burgerific Gift Pack that I received (pictured above)! Each gift pack includes (1) Pizza Peel, (1) Pizza Cutter, (1) Super Cool Burger Phone, and (1) $15 Papa Murphy’s Gift Card!
Just leave a comment below with your favorite pizza topping and then click on the +3 DO IT button in the contest entry box below to get your entry in. There are also a few more ways to get extra entries into the giveaway (ie. liking or sharing this blog post gets you a few more entries)

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