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  • THE JOINT Pangaea Cafe opened originally as Pangaea Two Brews Cafe...

  • THE JOINT Just to the right of the Downtown Sacramento grid,...

  • I attended the 2014 Amstel Light Burger Bash this past weekend...

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About Our Ratings

Burger Junkies is a burger review blog where you can read about the best burger reviews and witness some beautiful burger photography.

Each burger is photographed, reviewed and rated on the patent pending (very cool) 5 point BurgerJunkies Rating Scale that focuses on the 5 factors that we feel make up a perfect burger.

Here’s a sample BurgerJunkies Rating badge that you’ll find on each of our reviews:

Sample BurgerJunkies Rating Badge

Sample BurgerJunkies Rating Badge

Here’s what the 5 rating icons mean:

  1. Burger Juiciness (because a dry burger is just wrong)
  2. Bun Goodness (a quality meat holder is essential)
  3. Burger Flavor (is the meat itself extra tastilicious)
  4. Burger Value (you can pay too much for a .99 cent burger and an amazing burger can seem like a steal at $20…and vice versa)
  5. B Factor (this is that super subjective thing that makes each review unique. That je ne sais quois, that something special about the experience. Could be the special sauce, could be the atmosphere of the joint, could be the ridiculous shakes that you paired the burger with, or it could be some french fries that make you wanna cry)

So when we find the illusive “perfect burger”, it would be rated 50 points.  A burger you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy would be close to the 5 point level. You get the idea.