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Sin City Smashburger – Smashburger Sacramento, CA

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Address: 5500 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 100 Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Phone: 916-966-1562
On the Web: http://www.smashburger.com

The Joint

Smashburger is a nationwide “fast casual” burger chain in the United States. They get their “smashburger” name by the way they cook their hamburgers on the grill. As you’ll see in the exclusive behind the scenes “making of the burger” video below (when I get my video editing software to cooperate :)) they start with a ball of an 80/20 blend of fresh Angus beef, throw it on the grill and then they literally smash it with their unique patty smasher that traps in the burgers juices.

Through the power of Twitter (thanks @yetanothersusan), I heard that Smashburger (@smashburgersac) was having a contest to invite local residents to try its Vegas local burger creation: the Sin City Burger. I, along with other local burger lovers, got selected to try the burger, free of charge at one of their VIP parties. When I was chosen, I asked if I could get some burger footage while I’m there and they were kind enough to grant me behind the scenes access!

The Burger

Each Smashburger location has a special burger that has a regional flare to it. The Sacramento Smashburger has the Nor Cal burger with bacon and blue cheese, and Las Vegas has the Sin City burger. Because of the popularity of the Sin City cheeseburger, Smashburger took it on the road to show it off in other cities.

Let’s take this one from top to bottom.

The Sin City Smashburger is held together by an egg bun which is specially made for Smashburger at a bakery in Chicago. They slather the top bun with their signature Smash sauce (a mayo, mustard, relishy blend). This burger holder held its own by staying intact as I tore through my half pound cheeseburger.

The burger comes in two sizes, the regular 1/3 pound size, and the Big Smash half pound size.

Vegas is all about excess, so of course I had to go for the Big Smash :)

It comes topped with a fried egg, applewood smoked bacon and haystack onions. I’m totally a sucker for a good bacon cheeseburger with fried egg. In fact, even before I knew the Sin City burger existed, I always made my own custom Smashburger creation with bacon and a fried egg.

They didn’t ask how I wanted the egg cooked, so I was happy that they fried the egg hard, and not over easy like I’ve had at some other places. Something about bacon and egg on a cheeseburger just makes it seem like one of those cool occasions when you get to have breakfast for dinner.

For me, the beauty of Smashburger has always been the burger itself. I’ve had Smashburger probably a half dozen times since they opened their Sacramento location and each time the sandwich has arrived within 5 minutes and has been super juicy. Like the kind of juicy you remember after it’s done. I wanted to get a pic of the burger midway through so I could show the juiciness, but I seriously couldn’t stop eating it. Bad burger reporting on my part :)

I’m not sure I’m fully sold on their Smash sauce yet. When I usually order my custom Smashburger, I usually add something a little spicier like their spicy chipotle sauce, but overall the crunch of the haystack onions and bacon went really well with the flavorful Angus beef.

The Verdict

I have to say that I was actually very surprised when Smashburger first came to Sacramento. I wasn’t expecting a “chain burger” to be so good. In fact, I had to go back a few more times to make sure I didn’t get a fluke burger on my first trip.

Smashburger gets extra B factor points for fast service and a consistently tasty burger experience. As a burger blogger, I have to admit I feel a little weird in putting a franchise burger chain’s burger as one of the top burgers in Sacramento.

As I mentioned earlier in the review, the burger I ate on this trip was free as part of a promotion this store was running, but I’ve paid for my fair share of Smashburgers in the past, and I would have written the same about any of the previous cheeseburgers I’ve tried there.

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