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Pangaea Burger – Pangaea Cafe – Sacramento, CA

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Address: Pangaea Cafe 2743 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: (916) 454-4942
On the Web: http://pangaeatwobrews.com


Pangaea Cafe opened originally as Pangaea Two Brews Cafe in Curtis Park in the summer of 2008. Much like the tectonic plates it’s named after, the focus of this, now beloved, neighborhood restaurant has slightly shifted over the years. It originally starting out as just a nice European styled cafe that served both coffee and beer (two brews). Now with its new kitchen and strong beer selection it has grown to be a favorite of both foodies and hop heads alike.


I was drawn to Pangaea’s new burger from the photo taken by one of the writers of Sacramento Foodways during a sneak peek he got of the new kitchen being built out there. The photo looked so cheesy and juicy, I almost didn’t believe the burger was a real thing.

After about a month of the new kitchen being open, I took my Cadillac for a drive up Highway 99, banked a left on Broadway and took and hooked another left on Franklin passed The Hideaway to see if the burger lived up to the photo.

I stepped up to the front counter and ordered the burger medium-rare and and what came out 10 minutes later was one of the prettiest burgers I’ve seen.

Pangaea Burger

They say you eat with your eyes first and my eyes said this burger was delicious. To be honest though, it’s not often that a burger is delicious as it is beautiful. Most of the truly amazing burgers I’ve eaten tended to fall more on the jolie laide style of beauty. Spoiler alert: this burger lived up to its good looks.

Chef Venditti put the perfect sear on this half pound Angus beef patty made from a custom blend of brisket and chuck. Biting through the toasted but airy brioche bun, the crunch from the crispy bacon and the seared patty was both noticeable and welcome. When a burger is seared just right and cooked medium rare it should be dripping with juices and this burger did not disappoint. It definitely could’ve used a Burger Lift to keep the bottom bun high and dry. The TOPpings (Tomato, Onion, Pickles) were ever so thinly sliced with care and the burger to bun ratio was damn near perfect.



I’ve enjoyed (read: eaten) a lot of burgers, but this was a burger was actually enjoyable to eat. Like I had a good time eating it and it made me smile. Something about it is just so classic, but at the same time, carefully done. They’re currently running a lunch special that includes this amazing bacon cheeseburger, a side of shoestring fries and a soft drink for $9.50 and at that price point, they may be a top contender for the best value Sacramento burger crown. A nice bonus is that the chef has tried most of the beers they have in house, so he can usually give great suggestions for beers that pair well with any of their dishes.


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