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Burger Thursdays at de Vere’s Irish Pub in Sacramento, CA

Thursdays are about to be a bit more burgerly thanks to the new Burger Thursday’s going on at de Vere’s Irish Pub.

After the success of #sacburgermonth, one of the key takeaways was that Sacramento LOVES burgers! The customers (and even employees) at de Vere’s kept asking what the next featured burger would be,  so Henry came up with the idea of Burger Thursdays to bring some fun new hamburgers to the menu all throughout the year.

As a bonus, he asked your favorite burgerjunkie here to cosponsor the event to help get the word out.  I thought, heck, why wait for National Burger Month to celebrate the cheeseburger?

So every month starting with this October, 2 burgers will be featured. One crazy cheeseburger for the first 2 Thursdays and one hopped up hamburger for the second 2 Thursdays. $11.95 will get you a great burger and some fries every Thursday from here on out at de Vere’s.

Think of me as your sandwich scout, your cheeseburger channel, if you will.

I will guide you through the amazing featured burgers each month right here on this blog and on Twitter @burgerjunkies (look for the #burgerthursdays hashtag). I’ll even drop a mouthwatering Facebook post or two in there along the way.

The regular burger at de Vere’s is definitely good. But when the let the chef loose and start coming up with fun, featured burger creations, their burger game gets elevated to a whole new level.

Right out of the gate, Wes, the chef at de Vere’s brought the heat with this buffalo wing inspired creation that we finally dubbed, the “Buffalo Crunch” burger. I’ll let Wes explain it in this video:


You heard correctly:   scratch made buffalo wing hot sauce, a bleu cheese dressing, house made potato chips (you will SERIOUSLY appreciate the CRUNCH), topped with tomato and lettuce on a pretzel bun.

It looks a little something like this (before you dive in):

If you were to drop the top like a 64′ Impala, it would look something like so:

Guess what today is? Thursday. And if you’re reading this on any other day than Thursday, start your countdown, because you’re gonna want to make de Vere’s Irish Pub your new weekly Thursday tradition.

Tip:   Splurge a little while you’re there and ask the server for their amazing curry ketchup to go with your fries.  It may set you back an extra 75 cents, but it’s well worth it. Be sure to tell them the Burger Junkie sent ya :)

Burgely Yours,


PS. Be sure to enter the Burger Thursdays Photo Contest on the de Vere’s Facebook page. That $75 gift card first prize can buy a lot of burgers!

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