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Congratulations to our launch day iwearyourshirt winners!

January 31 2011 was a great day for burgers and burgerjunkies.com!

Thanks to the help of the iwearyourshirt.com crew, we kicked off the launch of this burger review blog with a bang!

Lots of new fans on our “I Love Hamburgers” Facebook page, dozens of new subscribers to our BURGASMS burger newsletter, and dozens of new burger friends to connect with on our @burgerjunkies Twitter account.

On Monday we ran a few giveaways for some “I Love Hamburgers” stickers  and t-shirt swag:

I Wear Your Shirt Gang in I Love Hamburgers T-Shirts

I Wear Your Shirt Gang in I Love Hamburgers T-Shirts

IWYS Daily Deal

Our giveaways for our January 31st launch extravaganza!

Without further ado, here are our randomly selected winners (I used random.org):

Woo Hoo! Everyone who filed our free sticker form will be getting free “I Love Hamburgers” stickers!

Our 5 random newsletter subscriber winners are:

  1. 1. Chad L from PA
  2. 2. Clayton M from UT (@Clayton_3)
  3. 3. Susan B from CA (@yetanothersusan)
  4. 4. Hope C  (@corizzo)
  5. 5. TeraLea (@teralea)

Our 2 random Facebook fan page winners are:

  1. 1. Allison S from FL (@alicatalley)
  2. 2. Brian P from IN (@kb9tfz)

Our 2 random Twitter friends (chosen at random by Tweetaways.com) are:

  1. 1. Dennis W from CA (@wales2k)
  2. 2. Jennifer H from FL (@jenniferhuber)

Our randomly selected grand prize winner who did all of the above (Facebooked, Connected on Twitter, Tweeted, Subscribed to the newsletter and winner of a $100 gift card to the burger restaurant of her choice…she picked In-N-Out):

  1. 1. Jenny L (@jenle33)

Thank you to all that entered, liked, tweeted and subscribed!  I hope you’ll keep checking out my burger reviews!

If you just joined the BURGASMS newsletter just to enter the contest, I understand :) You can quickly unsubscribe here.

(I want to make sure the BURGASMS burger newsletter only goes out to true Burger Junkies that want it :)

This is not Sparta…this is BURGER JUNKIES!

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