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Pub Burger – Tun Tavern – Atlantic City, NJ

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Address: 2 Convention Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Phone: 609-347-7800
On the Web: http://www.tuntavern.com


Tun Tavern is a brewery and restaurant in Atlantic City, NJ.  The restaurant has a rich history in Philadelphia, however its current location by the Atlantic City Convention Center has been open since 1997.

I was attending the ISS Atlantic City trade show in the convention center back in March. A few attendees had organized a meetup afterwards at the Tun Tavern and the restaurant staff was nice enough to reserve a few areas around the bar for us to gather.

This was my first trip to Atlantic City and my efforts to source a good AC burger via Twitter came up short (I did find an outstanding pizza place near my hotel though). I was pretty excited that the place we decided on for our meetup had a few decent looking burger selections on the menu!


They had a One Tun Burger (1  pounder) on the menu and I was hungry enough to eat it, but for some reason I opted for the 8 ounce Pub Burger that was made with Certified Angus Beef and topped with bacon and cheddar on a roll style bun.

As usual, I ordered my burger to be cooked Medium (although I’m thinking Medium Rare might be my new favorite) and the burger arrived cooked to the correct temperature.  The first thing I noticed was that the buns seemed a bit too small for the burger patty, which through the whole burger:bun ratio all off.  I know you shouldn’t judge a burger by its looks, but the bun hat look kind of through me off. I will say though, the roll style bun that the burger was served on seemed to be baked fresh; it felt like I was biting into a fresh loaf of bread with each bit.

Although the patty didn’t seemed to be the hand formed patty that I prefer, it was still surprisingly good for what I was expecting.  I was expecting just the regular pub fare, but the beef flavor in this burger gave me a little extra ooomph for my money.  The half pound patty was thick and juicy, the bacon and tomato topping was tasty enough, but didn’t seem to add much extra flavor to the sandwich.

Since this place is mainly a brewery, the beers served were well above average and the Bloody Mary I ordered had a unique extra ingredient I haven’t been able to place that gave the cocktail a nice sweet flavor. I had their Tun of Wings as an appetizer and they were some of the best wings that I’ve had.  I ended the night with a dessert that was billed as a “Peanut Butter Brownie Cake” but when it arrived, it looked more cheesecake than the fluffy brownie style cake I was expecting. Regardless of appearance, the peanut buttery dessert was freakin’ delicious!


There didn’t seem many “non chain” burger options in my initial Atlantic City burger research, but I’d head back to Tun Tavern my next time in town. I’d like to try the One Tun Burger to see if it keeps the same juiciness and flavor as it’s half pound little brother. I’d also like to spend some more quality time with those buffalo wings; their Tun BBQ sauce that covered the crispy outsides of the wings really made it a memorable appetizer!

Was I wrong about Atlantic City? Share your local burger recommendations in our Burger Community Forums!

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