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Western Burger – Oasis Bar & Grill

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Address: Oasis Bar & Grill 1007 W. 1st Street Chico, CA 95928
Phone: 530-343-4305
On the Web: http://www.oasisbarandgrill.net/

The Joint

The Oasis is one of Chico, California’s oldest bars. Since 1961,  locals and students in this college town have slipped on down to the Oasis to not only wash their blues away, but to get great drinks and tasty burgers at a decent price.

This is a down to earth kind of bar where you’ll find friendly regulars, a few pool tables, and at least 15 flat screen TVs for watching the latest news and sporting events. I’m halfway convinced that Garth Brooks was thinking about this place when he wrote that famous song

The Burger

This was my 3rd time to The Oasis. Each time I head down there with my brotha from another mother (bfam for short), we get the Triple B combo. Burger, Beer, and a Bloody Mary. The burger this time was their Western Burger which the grill guy at the counter described as “a burger cooked in hot sauce, topped with BBQ sauce, pepperjack cheese and onion rings.

The bun on this burger was your average hamburger bun that you might find at a fast food restaurant or in the bun aisle of your local grocery store. Soft with sesame seeds, it was the kind of bun that was there to just get the job done. The burger was cooked on a flat grill and was cooked so it was browned on the the outside, but still juicy on the inside. I think cooking it in hot sauce may have added some nice extra juiciness to the overall burger.  The flavor of the burger itself wasn’t anything amazing, but it wasn’t bad at all. I don’t think any extra secret spices were added to the beef to kick things up, but it still worked well for what it was. The pepperjack cheese, bbq sauce and crisp onion ring added nice flavor and texture to each bite.  The burger comes with a side of potato chips, but we ordered french fries as a side and they were thick cut and cooked perfectly.

The Verdict

I’ve ordered 3 different burgers each time I’ve been to The Oasis and each time the burgers have been consistently good.  What stands out to me at this bar is the value. I know this is a burger blog, but anywhere where you can get a top notch bloody mary in a big tall glass, a pint of beer, and a decent burger and get change back from a $20 is a good place in my book. The B Factor for this burger was the Triple B Combo (burger, beer, bloody) that hits the spot every time!

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