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Double French Burger – Nationwide Freezer Meats – Sacramento, CA

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Address: 1930 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 444-3286
On the Web: http://www.nationwidefreezermeats.com/


Nationwide Freezer Meats is a local burger joint in Sacramento, CA that has been serving up french ground steak burgers since 1969. They have a great location on H street with lots of parking in the back and some nice burger artwork painted on the front and the insides of the building.

This was only my second trip to Nationwide Freezer Meats. The first time was several years ago on a quick lunchtime break and I only remembered that they served some HUGE burgers there. This time I came back to savor the experience. It was pouring down rain in Sacramento, but that didn’t stop my quest to try another great burger.


A couple things make the French Burgers at Nationwide Freezer Meats special: the choice quality Harris Ranch steak that is freshly ground to make the burgers and the savory special sauce that they top the burgers with. Each French Ground Steakburger is a 1/3 pound patty. You can order a regular French Burger, a Double French (2 1/3 pound patties), a Triple French (3 1/3 pound patties for a full pound of burger love), or a QUAD with 4 1/3 pound patties to fill up even the biggest of appetites.

I opted for the Double French with cheese on this trip, added the required bacon (if they’ve got bacon as an option, I’m getting it), an order of their fresh cut steak fries, and a milkshake that was a blend of peanut butter and coffee.

By using fresh ground steak for their patties, you get the true beef flavor right off the bat. Nationwide Freezer Meats cooks each patty to the perfect temperature, making sure not to dry out the burger on the flat top grill. The vegetables that top the cheeseburger (red onions, tomatoes, lettuce) were fresh and crisp, adding a great texture and contrast to each bite. The savory special sauce had a crave-worthy flavor that I wished there was more of. The sandwich was served right off the grill and most of the cheese on the burger was melted away into the bun or into the patties themselves. The French Burger came on a near perfect bun that was soft and chewy and held the sandwich together throughout the meal.

I like a burger that *looks* formidable when it comes out and this is one of the ones you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.

The french fries were different than any other fries that I’ve seen in a restaurant. It’s like they took a potato and chopped it into 4-5 chunks. They were fried with a nice crisp outside and that chewy middle that you expect from a fry. I’m not sure why they cut them so thick, but it worked for me.


I could definitely see myself returning to Nationwide Freezer Meats to get a burger fix again. The savory sauce really stood out, and I think next time I order I’d probably ask for extra cheese and extra sauce. If you’re in midtown Sacramento, this local burger joint is worth a visit.

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