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Dee Snider Burger – Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck

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Address: Los Angeles, CA Check their website for their current schedule.
Phone: 323-252-5603
On the Web: http://www.grillemalltruck.com/

The Joint

Grill ‘Em All is a gourmet food truck out of the Los Angeles, CA area that specializes in heavy metal music and rockin’ burgers. They also have the distinction of recently coming in first place in the FoodNetwork’s reality TV show about the growing gourmet food truck culture in the US called The Great Food Truck Race. They do a great job of using their Facebook page and Twitter page to update their burgerfans in realtime as to where their next stop will be.

I was in Long Beach for a trade show and I knew that I had to hit up the Grill ‘Em All Truck while I was in the area. I took a fellow trade show traveler with me on the 30 minute drive from Long Beach to Silverlake Drive in Los Angeles to get our burger fix for the night.

The Burger

So let me properly set the stage for this burger.

I had just spent the whole day in a booth at a trade show in Long Beach. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and me and a fellow trade show goer decided to make the trip into Los Angeles to try out the Grill ‘Em All Burger truck. After I got there, I ordered and devoured The Behemoth Burger, the biggest burger they had (maybe the biggest burger anybody should have).

Suffice to say, I wasn’t starving by the time I got this burger. At the last minute I decided to add it to my order just because the mix of ingredients sounded so outlandish. After reading the description of this burger, you will probably make the same face I did:

  • + Peanut Butter
  • + Jelly
  • + Bacon
  • + (in case your mind wasn’t already blown) Sriracha Sauce

That face you have right now (probably with your head titled a little bit in disbelief), is the same face I had when seeing this one on the menu.  I figured I probably won’t make it to LA anytime soon, so maybe I’ll order this burger just so I can say I tried a bite of it.

Seriously folks, this mix of flavors somehow works on a burger!

The first bite of this burger was like a rainbow punching my mouth with colorful flavors left and right. Pow, a jab from the creamy peanut butter. Wham, a left hook from the jelly…then whammo, the upper cut from the sriracha sauce and bacon just knocked me out. I’m pretty sure my eyes rolled back in my head and my tongue rolled onto the street like a cartoon dog. It was such a beautiful thing.

The Verdict

The behemoth burger is sort of a novelty burger because of it’s size and multi-sandwich-ness. You almost eat the behemoth so you can say “I ate the behemoth”…not because you want to take the express train to flavortown. However,  I believe in my heart of hearts that every burger lover should try the Dee Snider once in their lifetime. It’s like a bullet train hopped up on rocket fuel with a tricked out nitros blast to flavortown. If there was ever a burger bucket list, this burger should be on it.  This burger is so hot that other burgers should crowd around and warm there hands by its flavor fire.

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