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Behemoth Burger – Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck – Los Angeles, CA

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Address: Los Angeles, CA Check their website for their current schedule.
Phone: 323-252-5603
On the Web: http://www.grillemalltruck.com/

The Joint

Grill ‘Em All is a gourmet food truck out of the Los Angeles, CA area that specializes in heavy metal music and rockin’ burgers. They also have the distinction of recently coming in first place in the FoodNetwork’s reality TV show about the growing gourmet food truck culture in the US called The Great Food Truck Race. They do a great job of using their Facebook page and Twitter page to update their burgerfans in realtime as to where their next stop will be.

I was in Long Beach for a trade show and I knew that I had to hit up the Grill ‘Em All Truck while I was in the area. I took a fellow trade show traveler with me on the 30 minute drive from Long Beach to Silverlake Drive in Los Angeles to get our burger fix for the night.

The Burger

The Behemoth is described as a burger with grilled cheese buns (a grilled cheese sandwich for the top bun and a grilled cheese sandwich for the bottom bun!), BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, pickles, bacon and beer soaked onions.

You can almost tell from the description that eating this burger is going to be bit of an adventure on its own. When eating an extravaganza burger like this one, the first bite is always the most challenging.  You almost think that your mouth just won’t be able to encompass the whole thing, but then by some miracle, you’re able to give the cheeseburger that extra smush to make it fit.

To be honest, this burger seems more like a burger novelty as opposed to one of those burgers you crave for after eating. The combination of grilled cheese buns, cheddar cheese and bacon would be a barrel full of awesome by itself, the burger addition makes sure you get your fix in true gluttonous style.  This is one of those burgers that you eat so you can brag to your buddies that you ate it, and then challenge them to eat one or be the butt of your burger jokes for years to come.

On this particular day, I hadn’t eaten anything since a light, early breakfaast, so when 8:45PM rolled around, this burger went down faster than a cartoon character stepping on a banana peel. After devouring this burger and a few fries, I was more than full. But that didn’t stop me from eating a second burger at the Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck.

The Verdict

While I’m not sure that I’d eat another Behemoth burger, it was definitely worth the experience and the drive into LA to check out this heavy metal cheeseburger. However, I would definitely  recommend that burgerjunkies anywhere even halfway near the LA area to track down the Grill ‘Em All Burger truck for one reason, and one reason only: The Dee Snider Burger.

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