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BBQ Burger – 4th Street Grille – Sacramento, CA

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Address: 400 L St Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 448-2847
On the Web: http://www.4thstreetgrille.com


4th Street Grille is a New American cuisine restaurant in downtown Sacramento, CA. You can find a wide range of dining influences on their menu including Italian, Asian, and French inspired dishes.

This trip to 4th Street Grille was a lunch date with my wife and my friend from Twitter, @yetanothersusan. After driving around for a bit looking for a parking spot and almost running over Susan crossing the street, I made my way into the corner situated restaurant.


I made a couple of laps around the menu as I figured out which burger to order. My choices were the Blue Cheese Burger, their House Burger and the BBQ Burger.  I asked for help from the waitress and she mentioned that they made the  BBQ sauce in-house, so I made that my choice.

I ordered my burger medium rare, and after my round of picture taking, I’d say it ended up a good solid medium. I guess the chef didn’t prepare for the burger to keep cooking as I snapped off a few photos for my blog :)

The bun was soft and fresh, but possibly too fluffy (if that’s possible). It wasn’t bad, but it seemed a little too big for the burger. The burger patty was decently juicy, but not overwhelmingly mouth-watering. The BBQ sauce had a very nice, sweet (and only slightly tangy) taste that really gave the burger its overall flavor. The BBQ plus bacon combination is almost an instant “good burger” combo…it’s pretty hard to mess up.  The melted cheddar cheese contrasted with the crunchy fried onion strings gave the burger a nice mixture of textures.


Overall the BBQ Burger at 4th Street Grille was an above average cheeseburger. The sweet BBQ sauce had a unique flavor, but nothing on the burger made me scream like Al Green.  Don’t get me wrong, this was a GOOD burger, but after eating a LOT of “good” burgers, my goal is to find that James Brown burger. You know the one that makes you wanna jump back and kiss yourself.   If you’re eating in downtown Sacramento, the 4th Street Grille is definitely worth a stop.  There were definitely several other dishes on the menu that sounded pretty delicious.

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