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Bacon Double Cheeseburger – Louis Burger III

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Address: Louis Burger III 555 Atlantic Ave Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-437-4078
On the Web: http://www.yelp.com/biz/louis-burgers-iii-long-beach

The Joint

Louis Burger is a small fast food chain based out of Southern California. I originally came across this restaurant a few years ago as I was on my way back to the Long Beach Airport to fly back to Sacramento. That time, my burger obsession almost made me late for my flight…these days I make sure I have extra time for a stop at Louis Burger III (sounds fancy doesn’t it) before I head out of the LBC.

The Burger

Generally speaking, the Louis Burger is your typical no-nonsense fast food burger. I usually order the bacon double cheeseburger and have them add a fried egg to it (they also serve breakfast at this burger joint). Each time I ask for a fried egg, the nice lady in the drive through reminds me that “they can only add a scrambled egg this late in the day”.

The bun is soft, and maybe only a half notch up from most fast food buns.  The burger itself is always juicy and only cooked one way: fried.  Most of the flavor for this cheeseburger comes from the Louis Burger special sauce. Their special sauce has more flavor than the traditional trumped up 1000 island dressing that is often passed off as “special sauce” and they aren’t shy about loading the burger up with it. This is one of those cheeseburgers you crave when you want something quick, cheesy, and just a bit messy.

The Verdict

For me, Louis Burgers in Long Beach is a must visit anytime I’m anywhere near the area.  The extra B Factor points might come from the nostalgia of randomly coming across this burger gem while trying to hurry back to the airport, or it might be the great special sauce they add.  If you’re looking for a quick burger fix in the Long Beach area, definitely take a trip through the drive through on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and 6th street for a solid fast food burger.

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