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2:00 AM Burger – Rock Bottom Brewery

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Address: Rock Bottom Brewery One Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-308-2255
On the Web: http://www.rockbottom.com/

The Joint

Rock Bottom Brewery is a national chain restaurant and brewery chain.  They have a pretty extensive menu. I had a party catered at this location about a year or so ago and the mix of food that was served was delicious.

This particular location is located about a block away from the Long Beach Convention Center and is a frequent “after show” hang out for trade show attendees.  On this burger occasion I went there for lunch with a couple of business associates.

The Burger

We all ended up being intrigued by the 2:00 A.M burger on the Rock Bottom “Burgerology” menu.  I figured if they named a section of their menu after the science of burgers, it had to be good.

The 2:00 A.M. burger is described as having “crispy hash browns, american cheese, chopped bacon, topped with a fried egg”

The first time my burger came out it was missing the hash browns. The rest of the burgers at the table weren’t missing any ingredients.

After they fixed the burger, I dug in. Although I enjoyed the saltiness of the hashbrowns on the burger (almost like throwing french fries on a burger), the actual burger patty seemed a bit dry. The bacon and fried egg helped to add some flavor and overall juiciness to the burger, but the bun was overly greasy. I ended up adding a lot of ketchup to the burger to finish it off.

The Verdict

I’m generally a big fan of the food at Rock Bottom Brewery, but this particular burger from their Burgerology menu was a miss. This is one of those cases where the photo of the burger turned out better than the burger itself.

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