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Win Tickets to the King of Feasts food filled fundraiser at the Sacramento Zoo!

Hey, where’s the burgers? This is the third post in a new section of burgerjunkies.com where I get to talk about things other than burgers in between official reviews. Let’s call it notaburger :)

The Sacramento Zoo is having its annual King of Feasts foodie fundraiser, on Saturday, June 23, 2012. I haven’t been to this event yet, but from the lineup of top Sacramento dining spots that scheduled to be there, I can see why this event gets great reviews year after year.

Some of the restaurants that will be there include:

Here are a few of the companies that will be pouring tasty liquids at the event:

  • Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
  • Bogle Winery
  • Coca-cola Beverage Stations
  • Clarksburg Wine Company
  • Dancing Coyote Wines
  • Hoppy Brewing Company
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  • Two Rivers Cider Co.
  • View the full list on the zoo website here…

The tickets to this charity event are $50 in advance or $60 at the door. You get to sample amazing food from 26 restaurants and drinks from 26 wineries and breweries while you enjoy a leisurely stroll around the zoo as the sounds of a Hawaiian guitarist play in the background. Maybe you can catch this guy doing his impression of the 90’s Budweiser frogs (WASSSUUUUP) for your camera:

Break out your luau wear and join me for the 11th annual King of Feasts event at the Sacramento Zoo. In fact, the Sacramento Zoo has made it even easier for you to join me. They gave me two tickets to this year’s event for me and two tickets to for me to share with you, my local Sacramento burgerjunkies.com readers.

Check out all the ways to enter the ticket giveaway below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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