• Bright Shack Burger

    THE JOINT Just to the right of the Downtown Sacramento grid,...

  • Shake Shack wins Judges Choice at the 2014 Amstel Light #SOBEWFF BURGER BASH

    I attended the 2014 Amstel Light Burger Bash this past weekend...

  • fifty-fifty burger - 58 degrees

    THE JOINT 58 Degrees and Holding is a wine bar located...

  • 2013 Sacramento Burger Battle Winners

    Burger Battle Raises More than $30K for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation...

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Burger Junkies is a burger review blog where you can read about the best burger reviews and witness some beautiful burger photography.

Each burger is photographed, reviewed and rated on the patent pending (not really, but wouldn’t that be cool) 5 point BurgerJunkies Rating Scale that focuses on the 5 factors that we feel make up a perfect burger.

Who Runs BurgerJunkies.com

BurgerJunkies.com is run by Rodney Blackwell, a long time cheeseburger fan whose love of burgers started at an early age with the simple Quarter Pounder with Cheese and has progressed over the years to the appreciation of burgers of all types.

I decided one day to combine my love of burgers with my newfound love of food photography.  BurgerJunkies.com is what I cooked up. I hope you like it.

I to prefer pay for every burger I review. Sometimes I may get invited to burger events, but I’ll state that pretty darn clearly in the post if the burger was free. If I don’t mention it, you can assume that I’ve paid for the burger to keep my burgerintegrity :)

About You

You are a lover of burgers. You have friends who enjoy a good cheeseburger, but you truly LOVE everything that is hamburger. You dig seeing the great burgers that are out there in the world, you like reading about new burger recipes and restaurants. Most importantly, you can’t wait for the next time you get to dive into a delicious burger done right. The buns, just the right cheese, oh the joy of finding a new burger joint that just “gets it”.

You, my friend, are a fellow burger junkie, and this blog is for you.

Dig in.

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